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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Are YOU Bashing the President?

Okay, so it's the natural thing to do, bashing the politician that is athwart your pet ideology. Everybody does it, right. I have not seen such bashing as President Obama has received, though. And, it appears that almost all, if not all, of it is generalized. Well, don't you think that we should be able to point to specific egregious violations that warrant the vitriolic rhetoric tossed around by so many, from the ultraconservative radio talk show hosts, down to John and Jane T. Pissed-off on the street? Don't get me wrong. I have my problems with the Obama administration. I'm especially angry at some things that are taking place lately. But, I don't see anything especially heinous. And, I certainly don't see any raping of the Constitution, or any impeachable offense, despite so many making these accusations. I am willing to entertain the possibility that maybe I am just misinformed, or under-informed. So, I ask you, dear reader, to present your case. Why is Obama such a bad president? Bear in mind, that I expect clear cut actions that show clear cut violations, or that lead to clear cut consequences. But, here you go, now it's your turn...


  1. Pandering to the religious on multiple occasions.
    Over-politicizing the repair and cleanup of the oil spill.
    Continuing the suspension of habeas corpus.

  2. Some of these are points on which I criticize the Obama administration, as well. But, the point remains that none of these are especially egregious in relation to past administrations, especially the previous administation. Also, none of these are impeachable offenses, nor demonstrably unconstitutional. My post asks for specific points that support what are, as far as I can tell, unsupported generalized accusations.

  3. Egregious or not, they are still offenses and should be treated as such. An evil is no less an evil when compared with others.

  4. Do you think I disagree? Did you read the posting before commenting? You have missed the point. I agree that he should be held accountable for what he has done wrong. The point is that the level of scathing accusations and apparent outright hatred of this man and his administration is not commensurate with the facts. Yes, wrong is wrong. But, I submit that compared to the Bush administration, the Obama administration is positively saintly.